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All projects begin with an estimate.  This estimate will be based upon the following:

The information that you, the client, provides for us. We need as much information and details about the project as possible. This will help us in not only developing a clear and more accurate estimate, but to understand your goals and expectations as well.

We will then produce a project plan with a detailed estimated for each section along with time scales.

If this estimate meets with your approval, it becomes the agreed price for the project itself. 

We then require a 20% down-payment on all projects prior to beginning work.

This is drawn directly from the given estimate and will be deducted from the total bill of the completed project.

We will begin work promptly once the down-payment has been received. However this depends on what exactly the project is and what exactly you require, whether its website production or network specification, or training we will notify you of the start date.

During the project we will endeavour to keep you informed regularly of our progress, this will hopefully remove any disappointment or misunderstand in relationship to the project.

It frequently occurs that changes are made with the project once it has already begun.  A web design job, for example, may spread to include a logo design and extra content.  This will necessarily drive the estimated price up, and depending on the amount, an additional deposit may be required to adjust the 20% down-payment accordingly.  Such increases are always negotiable.

If you are working under a budget, or have a price cap youd like to observe, please let us know and we will work with you so you get the most for your money.  Rest assured that having a set amount of money to spend does not necessarily mean that all of it needs to be spent with us.  We personally consider honest business the most beneficial to retaining clients.



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